Socapex Tester Continuity and Loop-back tester special offer

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Now a special order item due to the costs of the socapex shells and the small numbers of orders of these items - please email if you are wanting to buy one... This is a special offer to buy the continuity and loop-back testers as a pair. Good for testing socapex cables (when plugged into each end of the cable) A 19-pin socapex connector with led's (6 for individual channels) They run off a 9v battery and come with a spare battery too. To change the battery please unscrew the plastic 'cable-gland' at the top, unscrewing the other end will result in damaging the tester and voids any warranty. For testing Continuity through bulbs from live to neutral. Often used in conjunction with loop-back tester to test soca cables. The price is really set by the cost of the soca shells and the fact that it takes 2-3 hrs to make the continuity version! Please also note that the tester for sale does not match the photo as now using a block of 10 led's instead.

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