1 x single unit Martin robo-colour mk2

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
Delivery weight: 10 kg

Martin robo-colour mk2 single unit without bulb. Fully cleaned and serviced ready for sale. As part of the repair/service i replace the data cable and plug with new as this is a known problem with them. They have been tested in dmx, stand alone and sound to light modes. I have loads of these available at the moment. This advert is price for one unit, discount available for more sets if needed. Collection advised as the bulbs have a habit of blowing if miss-handled, if shipped though the bulbs will be packed seperately. I also have a large number of the lights on their own without the controllers, there are also sets of mk3's and lots of parts for all versions including the mk1's. Were all out of sets of these at the moment, there are enough parts to make up single units or you can purchase the parts for yours if needed as there are loads here in pieces. The same goes for parts for mk3 and mk1 models
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