Avolites Pearl USB upgrade

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Avolites Pearl USB upgrade. This allows 100 save slots onto a USB memory stick. 40+ personality disks for the pearl available so these can be saved onto the USB and still give a further 60 slots to save shows. Much, much quicker to load/save personality's/shows. Can be supplied as a kit including a USB drive to replace the floppy drive, formatted USB memory stick with personalities included. Price includes fitting IF the console is here at our workshop, the kit will be cheaper on it's own and it's an easy thing to install the hardware. This is mainly to see how much interest there is for kits like this, i have had some inquiries already about 2 Pearls and a few other consoles. If the project takes off then i will try to find time to write a basic manual to accompany the kit. This upgrade is available for other lighting consoles that use floppy discs, contact for details...

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