1 x set Martin robo-colour mk2 dmx control box 4 units in set.

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Martin robo-colour mk2 1 x Martin robo-colour mk2 Dmx control box This is just for the control box. Disclaimer - Common fault which people assume will be fixed by replacing the control box alone is loss of control of one or more of the colour wheels in the units. This is often the 5-pin din cables get damaged over time and then cause a fault on the main pcb inside the control box. This iMore sets back in stock, 4 sets of 4 units available, contact for more details. open to sensible offers to clear all from stock...s a fault that gets repaired by us for our customers so enquire about having yours tested and repaired. If the fault is still there after a repair or replacement with this control box then the wiring is the problem and chances are that the pcb will need another repair. So to save time and possible disagreement it's worth contacting us first for advice, it could works out cheaper and easier to send the whole package in for repair or part exchange and you'd be suprised at how little that can cost...

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