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New updates on the site 10/11/15

Martin destroyers and robocolour mk2 now available.

soon martin wizards, ego's nd many more available again...



 Reduced price on Dmx testers to introduce the new site.

The tester or sniffer or Jamie's Magic Torch is what the site is named after.

Hire : We also hire lighting equipment, the full list is available by email and the details page will be back on the site in the near future.

New items in our hire stock - 6 x Vari*lite 2416 1200watt arc lamp wash lights (like a vl5...)

Spare Parts : For many of the units available on here there is also a lot of spare parts available  - Contact us at : sales@jamiesmagictorch.co.uk

Facebook : jamiesmagictorch
There will on occasion be notifications of specials and bargains so it's worth joining the group.

International orders : please contact us for accurate shipping quotes as the site is only set-up for national uk sales at the moment (This is changing soon)

The majority of the items on here will be European models that only work on 240volts so check the manufacturers details to see if they can run on 110volts before purchasing or contact us.

Broker service - The service is to sell your items for you on this site.
To advertise on here is free, ads can be for any duration at a price you can set (or at our advice) and 3 pictures can be posted.

Ebay :
There are a lot of items to be cleared which have gone on ebay this week so please click the link here to redirect to our items for sale on ebay.

-New Service Item-
Avolites Pearl USB Upgrade
To replace the floppy disc drive for this and any other console that uses one is also available on request.
See Console section...

             There are more items to come, this is just what is for sale at this time.

If your looking for something in particular and it is not listed please contact me as i get offered a lot of equipment which i don't always purchase but keep in mind for customers.

New Site Service Feature

In a new feature for the site we are offering a 'New lamps for old' service for some of the items for sale on the site.

We are offering to buy back your broken lights when you buy new ones from us as part of a trade-in exchange service.

This will mainly be for lights such as Martin products as we have so many spares/parts for these but we will consider other items taken in part exchange.

Please contact us for more details...

The website was nearly called 'Aladdin's Cave' when it was first talked about, maybe the 'the lad's insane' comment stopped that one from happening! It is actually named because of the DMX Testers being nicknamed magic-torches - even though they are not a torch...

More site info...

There are bound to be some teething problems with the site, i have had a few already, please report anything you can see that may have been missed (even if only spelling) to sales@jamiesmagictorch.co.uk